Roll Tide

Today's the day! After another long offseason, college football has returned. Alabama, still trying to recover from the disastrous Mike Shula is coming off an incredible recruiting year that has people pretty fired up. Taking the field against a top ten team like Clemson is a tough way to start the year...but the potential payoff is pretty big as well. Bama will have to play well to win, but despite the fact that Clemson is favored and picked by pretty much everybody, I've got a good feeling about this one. It may just be blind optimism, but I think that we match up pretty well with the Tigers. Can't wait for kickoff.


I Can Dig It

Grand Slam Home Run, John McCain.

Here's the thing. With this pick, John McCain got Rush Limbaugh and James Dobson on board. No Republican is going to win without the support of conservatives. But that's not all. Earlier many comments were made on a Hillary Clinton forum regarding how they would vote for McCain/Palin over Obama. It's been taken down now, but you can see some of those remarks here. That's the other reason why this pick is a grand slam. Happy Birthday, Senator McCain.

UPDATE: Best lines I've seen all day. From Baseball Crank, "Now we know what John McCain wanted for his birthday--Barack Obama's news cycle!" From Confederate Yankee, "Dick Cheney hunts birds; Sarah Palin hunts moose. When she shoots a lawyer, he'll stay down!"


A Short Thought Experiment

So some Christians, as noted in my last post, are going to vote for Obama, writing off his radically pro-abortion (to the point of promoting infanticide) views. Let's take this idea and spin it out a little and see how it sounds.

I love Candidate B. His position on most issues may not be just like mine, but at least he promises change from what we have now. There is this one thing...he's a cannibal. But that really isn't a major issue for Presidents anyway. After all, we can't enforce morality through law. So I'm prayerfully voting for him, and I'm sure I'm right with God. Does that work for you? Why not?

Is eating somebody really that much worse than leaving a helpless, innocent newborn who miraculously survived an abortion attempt to die alone? Hmm? Then fill in the sin of your choice. Murder, wife-beating, theft, perjury (oops, better leave that one out, right Mr. Bill?)...take your pick. Are there things that are so heinous that they would automatically prevent your vote for a candidate all by themselves? (If there aren't some, God help your seared sense of morals.)

Then pray tell where infanticide falls on your moral spectrum. Sorry, but it just doesn't work. Don't be telling me that you're prayerfully voting for baby-killer Barack and that it's okay with God. I'm not buying it...and by the way, He's not either.


What Fools Such Christians Be

I read lots of different blogs...the list is eclectic to say the least. Politics, religion, football (ROLL TIDE...yet 3 days and Clemson shall be overthrown), economics, taxes, parenting--a little bit of everything. Lately I've been seeing some disturbingly foolish stuff on so-called Christian blogs written by people who should know better about the upcoming election.

I understand that many Christians are disgusted with the Republican Party, and not without reason. Too many have trusted horses and chariots. The ultimate hope of our nation is the salvation of men, not the election of leaders. But...seriously...give me a break on this voting for Obama stuff.

Leave out all the things about him that annoy me. Forget the Messiah complex. Ignore the fact that he's never done anything meaningful in his life. (Gives a great speech though...or so they say, I'm not impressed.) Forget the tax and spend and spend and spend stuff. Let's talk about things that should matter to Christians.

Barack Obama voted against a bill that would require doctors to provide medical care to babies who survived abortion attempts. Read that again very slowly. If the baby is born alive accidently, it's okay with Obama to go ahead and put it on a shelf in a closet and let it die. If that's not infanticide, what is it? Then read this from the comments on the blog of a former BJU professor who clearly has thrown lots of babies [pun intended] out with the bathwater of her ex-employer:

Commenter Laurie said: A Christian could prayerfully vote for either McCain or Obama and be right with God.

I thought that was a rather interesting statement, so I asked what the prayer would look like that left you at peace with God about voting for a pro-infanticide candidate. What I got back from the blog host was truly astonishing. Abortion's just not important to her. After all, lots of "Christians" in Greenville County get them, and therefore it's not an electoral issue that matters anymore. (She was a professor of rhetoric, which makes that leap pretty astonishing.) In fact, she thinks the War on Terror (which she mischaracterizes with talking points straight from the ACLU and the DNC) is a bigger problem than abortion, and she won't vote for McCain because she opposes torture. (Truly an ignorant position if you know anything about McCain's life story or voting history on the subject.)

Go read the whole thing (except for the post pointing out all her false statements about the war on terror which got deleted), and tell me that we don't deserve God's judgment--not America, but Christians like that who casually wipe away the lives of the unborn to salve false concerns about poor tortured terrorists. What fools such Christians be.


Green Ego and Ham

(With apologies to Dr. Seuss)

O and Joe
Joe and O
I will not vote for O and Joe

I would not, could not in the Fall
For them I will not vote at all.

Barack H. O.
Has done few deeds
And yet now for our votes he pleads
His votes are few his bills are nil
In his short time on Capitol Hill

He says his choice will heal the planet
And shrink the oceans while he's at it
He'll make the world love us once more
For at his very name they roar

No footprints left on sands behind
It's hard to know what's on his mind
He votes present to hide his views
And he's covered up for by the news

He doesn't seem to have the chops
We find in most of our leaders
And on the issues he flip-flops
He hopes that we're not readers

With lots of pride but little done
This candidate is called "The One"
And with him inexperienced so
Barack is just a Green Ego

And now as running mate the O
Has chosen a prideful man named Joe
The sound of his own voice Joe loves
He thinks it sweet like cooing doves

A showboat from his Senate seat
Joe runs his mouth each time they meet
And though I fear it is a slam
This Joe is nothing but a ham

O and Joe
Joe and O
I will not vote for O and Joe

And as November comes into view
The Democrats promote these two
But I tell you now good Sir or Ma'am
I will not vote for Green Ego and Ham


In the Olympic Spirit

Meet the new Democratic Ticket: "Clean" and "Jerk"

(For those of you who don't follow politics obsessively, during the primaries, Biden said Obama was the first black candidate who was "clean and articulate" and during his ill-fated 1988 run told a questioner "I suspect I have a much higher IQ than you. I graduated in the top half of my law class" -- when actually he was 75th out of 86 students.)


Obama's Willie Horton

One of the nails in the electoral coffin of Michael Dukakis in 1988 was the revelation of Willie Horton (ironically enough first mentioned in a Democratic debate by Al Gore of all people) debacle. Massachusetts had a prisoner furlough program that let inmates out of jail on weekends--even violent criminals like Horton. And predictably while Horton was out one weekend, he raped and murdered a woman. Dukakis refused to halt the program. And it came back to bite him, and deservedly so. The whining Dems have been moaning about racism for twenty years, but the thing that made the ad bite wasn't that Horton was black, it was that it was incomprehensible to people that a program like that, if it existed in the first place, wouldn't be shut down. It just does not compute.

The recent attention being paid to Bill Ayers is very bad news for the very green junior Senator from Illinois. Ayers was a member of the Weather Underground who bombing police stations, the Pentagon, and Capitol Hill. In an interview released on 9/11 (conducted prior to the terrorist attack) Ayers said he "regretted" that they hadn't done more. When the topic came up, Obama said Ayers was just a guy who lived down the street and was a respected part of the Chicago establishment. Well, they're much closer than random neighbors. And while it's true that Ayers is well-connected to the corrupt Daley machine, that is not exactly a credential.

This is going to hurt the hopey-changey unicorn riding candidate. Hooking up with a guy who wishes he had done more to violently overthrow the government of the United States--which he stil today refers to as "the beast"--just does not compute. And I suspect that as more details come out about the closeness of their relationship, it's going to sting a lot.


The Devil Went Down to Georgia

Russian tanks are rolling again and Russian planes are dropping bombs again, bringing death and destruction to innocent people again, this time in their former vassal state of Georgia. Many people in Russia have never accepted the dissolution of the Soviet Union, and they long for the day when they were a major world power. Vladimir Putin, the old KGB man described it as a tragic event. In an effort to regain their status of being feared again, they have launched an illegal war of agression against an independent (and pro-Western, pro-American) country. This is a blatant violation of international law. But as Churchill observed, international law is that which the righteous cannot enforce and which the wicked ignore.

Of course while this is going on, President Bush is sitting next to the architect of Russia's murderous assault, Vladimir Putin, at the Olympic Games. (Where America shouldn't be in the first place.) Maybe it's time Bush quit looking into Putin's eyes and started weighing his actions instead. The United States should be standing up to this agression. If we don't, it won't stop with Georgia. Putin wants peace--a piece of Georgia, a piece of Ukraine, a piece of Latvia, a piece of Germany...and he'll take it unless the one country in the world capable of standing up to him does. Sadly, I think we're going to sit this one out.

The Olympics are being held in a murderous dictatorship, just as they were in 1936. Apparently giving the games to this kind of country isn't the only lesson we've failed to learn from the past.


A Blot on America's Character

Nineteen years ago, the murderous Communist government of China added to the millions they have killed over the decades the lives of several thousands pro-democracy protestors in Tinanamen Square. America stood silent.

No, that's not true. Instead of cowardly remaining silent, we did much worse. The first President Bush sent envoys to Beijing to ensure those with blood on their hands that we held them no ill will and they would never be called to account for their evil, repressive deeds.

Now America, and the rest of the world is back in China for the Olympic. Our delegation is led by the Bushs--father and son. I voted for both of them (and considered the alternatives, I'd do it again.) But I'm ashamed. We place the dollar above all else...even the core values of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that were at the heart of our own revolution. For all of our talk and lip service, when the chips are down, we're in the pockets of the most repulsive regime on the planet. And that is a blot on our national character.

The continued brutality of Communist China toward Tibet and Darfur is all the proof we need that they are still the same murderous thugs they have always been. No amount of marching, flag waving or fireworks will change that. Shame on us. Shame on the US.


The Cowardly Dragon

The brutally repressive and murderous Chinese Communist government should never have been awarded the Olypmics. The IOC (a gutless bunch of corrupt weasels) said the ChiComs promised to open up their society and honor basic human rights. Um, not so much.

First they rounded up a bunch of dissidents and threw them in jail. Then they refused to allowed US gold medalist Joey Cheek (winter speed skating winner) into the country becuase he has the nerve to speak out against their support of the murderous Sudanese government. Oh yes, and they pretend to be offended by American athletes wearing masks due to the overwhelming and literally life-threatening pollution in Beijing.

But here's one thing they can't do anything about. I love the fact the the US athletes have voted Lopez Lomong to carry our flag in the opening ceremony. Lomong is a refugee, one of the "Lost Boys" who came to the US from the Darfur region of Sudan--the very place where the Chinese are providing weapons for the government (that's the Muslim government--which you won't usually hear from the media) to kill innocent (mostly Christian--but you won't hear that either) men, women and children.

So take that you Commie thugs. Choke on it (if the pollution doesn't get you first.) I can't think of anything that would draw more attention to their repulsive ways. At least something good is coming out of this travesty.


Arrogant Much?

This (from CBS News) is a picture of Obama's seat on his campaign plane--the one they call O Force One. Notice anything a little, well presumptive? Coming on the heels of his fake presidential seal, and the remark of his aide regarding his German trip that when the president travels overseas it's not a political event, this seems to confirm the image of arrogance that many of us have of the very green (does it make me racist to object to a candidate of color if that color is green?) junior Senator from Illinois.

A few months ago, I feared he had an 80% chance of winning and taking us down the Marxist yellow brick road. Today, I'm beginning to wonder. If he and his staff are this clueless, perhaps there is still hope for November.


Things That Annoy

1) Lying on the news. This morning NBC ran a story on the jellyfish outbreak and said scientists agreed that the culprit was climate change and "warming ocean temperatures." Um, not so much. According this NPR story (not exactly a right wing source) the oceans have gotten cooler over the past five years.

2) Lying politicians. Yeah, I know, what other kind is there? But still. On Meet the Press, the Dems 04 loser John Kerry said that McCain's "Celebrity" ad was a slam at Obama's character. Um, not so much. The ad which you can see here says nothing at all about Obama's character. It's all about the fact that he has done exactly nothing to merit consideration for the highest office in the land.

3) That stupid VISA ad. No, the proper thing to say at the Olympics is not "Go world." It's U-S-A. Duh. If you don't know that, go to the remedial patriotism class and repeat until you've got it down. And especially for this Olympics, Free Tibet would be much more appropriate.

4) It's hotter today in Tulsa (105) than it is in Phoenix (103). Boo.


An Opportunity McCain Should Grab

If there is anybody in John McCain's campaign for President with a strategic brain (I know, I know, but this is a blog hypothetical, so bear with me) they could probably pick up about five points with the conservative wing of the GOP and probably five more with independents if he would get on a plane and fly to Washington and join the protest going on in the House of Representatives. This is a golden opportunity. The Dems (dims?) voted to leave town for five weeks without even allowing a vote on additional drilling to increase our domestic oil supply and reduce our dependence on terrorist funding foreign oil states. And the Republicans have simply refused to leave. They're still there, making the point the Left Coast Nancy and her bunch are letting down the people they're elected and sworn to serve.

For details on the protest, go to Politico (hat tip Instapundit) With gas prices still painfully high, this issue is a winner for the Republicans--if (and what a big if) they drive it home with single-minded ferocity. This single issue could regain them control of at least the House, and blast a hole through the bow of the SS Inevitable Obama.