A Short Thought Experiment

So some Christians, as noted in my last post, are going to vote for Obama, writing off his radically pro-abortion (to the point of promoting infanticide) views. Let's take this idea and spin it out a little and see how it sounds.

I love Candidate B. His position on most issues may not be just like mine, but at least he promises change from what we have now. There is this one thing...he's a cannibal. But that really isn't a major issue for Presidents anyway. After all, we can't enforce morality through law. So I'm prayerfully voting for him, and I'm sure I'm right with God. Does that work for you? Why not?

Is eating somebody really that much worse than leaving a helpless, innocent newborn who miraculously survived an abortion attempt to die alone? Hmm? Then fill in the sin of your choice. Murder, wife-beating, theft, perjury (oops, better leave that one out, right Mr. Bill?)...take your pick. Are there things that are so heinous that they would automatically prevent your vote for a candidate all by themselves? (If there aren't some, God help your seared sense of morals.)

Then pray tell where infanticide falls on your moral spectrum. Sorry, but it just doesn't work. Don't be telling me that you're prayerfully voting for baby-killer Barack and that it's okay with God. I'm not buying it...and by the way, He's not either.


At 7:36 PM, Blogger Luba said...

Whatever Christian votes for him has to have his head in the sand. Or, maybe he should start going to a church that believes and preaches right. Lord have mercy!


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