The Cowardly Dragon

The brutally repressive and murderous Chinese Communist government should never have been awarded the Olypmics. The IOC (a gutless bunch of corrupt weasels) said the ChiComs promised to open up their society and honor basic human rights. Um, not so much.

First they rounded up a bunch of dissidents and threw them in jail. Then they refused to allowed US gold medalist Joey Cheek (winter speed skating winner) into the country becuase he has the nerve to speak out against their support of the murderous Sudanese government. Oh yes, and they pretend to be offended by American athletes wearing masks due to the overwhelming and literally life-threatening pollution in Beijing.

But here's one thing they can't do anything about. I love the fact the the US athletes have voted Lopez Lomong to carry our flag in the opening ceremony. Lomong is a refugee, one of the "Lost Boys" who came to the US from the Darfur region of Sudan--the very place where the Chinese are providing weapons for the government (that's the Muslim government--which you won't usually hear from the media) to kill innocent (mostly Christian--but you won't hear that either) men, women and children.

So take that you Commie thugs. Choke on it (if the pollution doesn't get you first.) I can't think of anything that would draw more attention to their repulsive ways. At least something good is coming out of this travesty.


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