An Opportunity McCain Should Grab

If there is anybody in John McCain's campaign for President with a strategic brain (I know, I know, but this is a blog hypothetical, so bear with me) they could probably pick up about five points with the conservative wing of the GOP and probably five more with independents if he would get on a plane and fly to Washington and join the protest going on in the House of Representatives. This is a golden opportunity. The Dems (dims?) voted to leave town for five weeks without even allowing a vote on additional drilling to increase our domestic oil supply and reduce our dependence on terrorist funding foreign oil states. And the Republicans have simply refused to leave. They're still there, making the point the Left Coast Nancy and her bunch are letting down the people they're elected and sworn to serve.

For details on the protest, go to Politico (hat tip Instapundit) With gas prices still painfully high, this issue is a winner for the Republicans--if (and what a big if) they drive it home with single-minded ferocity. This single issue could regain them control of at least the House, and blast a hole through the bow of the SS Inevitable Obama.


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