The IOC Should Be Disbanded

Long a corrpt and incompetent group, the International Olympic Committee has reached new lows in recent days. They should never have awarded this year's games to the brutally repressive and dictatorial Communist government of China in the first place. Just as Adolph Hitler did in 1936, they are using the games as a showpiece to force acceptance by the world at large. Yet this is the country that has killed millions of their own people...and when they execute a political prisoner, they send the family a bill for the bullet!

But this week's decision to ban Iraqi athletes from the games takes the cake. They said the government was interfering with the athletes. Funny how when Uday Hussein (Saddam's son) was beating the soles of the feet of losing soccer players or forcing the volleyball players to live in a room with five foot ceilings the IOC didn't mind. The IOC doesn't protect athletes, but apparently they protect dictatorships pretty well.

The Games are a great spectacle and I want to enjoy them. But it's going to be hard not to think of the pain and suffering of the Chinese people that means nothing to the wine and caviar jet setters in the IOC. While they cozy up to brutality, they undermine the very concept of the modern Olympics.


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