Update on Rhonda

When Harry Truman was President, he said that he really wanted a one-armed economist to get advice from. That's because they always say, "but on the other hand" and he was tired of it.

So on the one hand: GREAT NEWS. Rhonda had a follow up PET scan after the first four chemo treatments--two cycles of two each, done two weeks apart. They did one before starting, and now we have something to compare it to. The results were wonderful. The tumors are "markedly reduced" and "no longer hyper-metabolizing." In English rather than medical, they're getting smaller and no longer processing blood to help them grow. The fact that she's responded early in the treatment process is an excellent indicator for a good long-term prognosis. This is an enormous answer to prayer. Such a blessing and relief. Brenda and I spent the afternoon asking each other, "did you hear the same thing I did?" It's almost too good to be true.

But on the other hand: The last two chemo treatments have been really rough. Rhonda got sick for the first time a few days after the last one--very sick. As in go to the emergency room and wait for five hours sick. And today's was worse. She wasn't feeling good during it, and then when they were finishing up, she lost breakfast, snack and lunch all at the same time. It's already hard enough without having that added on top. At this point she still has seven chemo treatments left. And on top of that, the hair loss has really accelerated. She's wearing a hat or a scarf most of the time now, and it's kind of bugging her. Her long beautiful hair was one of her treasures, and she's missing it. Also the itching feeling isn't much fun. There may be a razor in her near future.

So while we're so grateful for the healing that's underway, we would very much appreciate continued prayers for her during the rest of the chemo treatment.


At 1:14 PM, Anonymous bryan baskin said...

Hi Bob! I linked up to you through Dan Burrell's blog. Would you by any chance be the same Bob Byers that used to attend Franklin Road Baptist Church in Murfreesboro, TN? My name is Bryan Baskin. You may remember me from FRBC- and the old Praise Singers group particularly. E-mail me at b1baskin@earthlink.net and let me know what's happened with you in the last 20 years or so. Our prayers go with you over Rhonda. In Christ, Bryan Psalm 27:1


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