Candidate of Change?

So the presumptive Democratic nominee, Senator Obama has been talking a lot about change (and not much else...except hope of course. Content? Not so much). This weekend we get a glimpse into Obama's idea of change. He broke up with his church of 20 years.

No, they didn't suddenly start being racists--they had been all along, and he fit in there just fine. He just suddenly realized it was hurting his campaign. So the people he could "no more disown than [his] grandmother" are now kicked to the curb.

Not sure that's the kind of change the country's ready for. But Obama is certainly going to be protected (as much as they can) by his friends in the media. And if you don't think there's a Messiah-complex on the part of some people, just check out this picture that Reuters ran with their story:

This is a "hard news" organization that is of course neutral and unbiased. If we had an honest media in this country, Obama would lose by forty percent (about Clinton's margin in West Virginia if memory serves). But that's not going to happen. Our best hope at this point is that enough people see through the Marxist cloaking device that hides Obama's true convictions so that we're spared his brand of change in time to protect our freedom.


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