A Clinton Trap in Wisconsin?

The Wisconsin primary this Tuesday is widely expected to be another win for Barack Obama. He's opened a consistent lead in the polls, and Clinton is leaving the state a day before the voting, after spending most of last week in Texas instead of visiting the Badgers. But is she conceding, or is something else at work?

Wisconsin has a very lax same day voting registration law--you can show up on election day, use a credit card as your id (!) and register and vote. It wouldn't be that hard to bring in some volunteers from nearby states to vote on Hillary's behalf and if the race is close, that could make the difference. At this point, a win for Obama in Wisconsin hurts Hillary, but a shocking upset for her could be a mortal wound for him. It would allow all the super delegates to stay with Hillary.

Maybe this is too far-fetched and conspiratorial...we'll find out in a couple of days.


At 9:46 AM, Anonymous Rebecca A. said...

Speaking of voter registration, why is it that more id is needed to get a library card than to register to vote?!! We hadn't been back in the USA too long when I ended up at the hospital er with one of the J's. While discussing my payment plan afterwards, I was casually asked if I would like to register to vote so I registered right there in the hospital. No picture id is needed and none of my information was verified in any way. VERY STRANGE in this country with high technology and tight security on matters of less importance.

At 7:07 PM, Anonymous American Daughter said...

I don't have your email address to send the GTB blogburst.

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Then just erase this comment.


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