I'm Glad Ben Franklin Lost

When they were picking our national bird, Ben Franklin wanted the turkey. He thought the eagle wasn't right for the job. I'm sure glad he lost that argument!

Today we went over to Fort Gibson to check out the eagles. They migrate down from the Upper Midwest and Canada for the winter. They had one injured eagle at the nature center...but then we saw one in the wild, just up from the dam. It was a great experience--the first time I've seen one outside a cage. You have to look pretty close at the second picture to see the one in the wild, but he's right there in the middle.

After being seriously endangered once, the bald eagle is now thriving...and I'm glad. I can't imagine a better symbol for our great country.

If you ever happen to be in a place where they tell you that the eagles are coming (with apologies to Bilbo Baggins and J. R. R. Tolkein) you should go and see them. it's truly worth the effort.


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