Everything You Need To Know About Mitt Romney

John McCain is not my guy. I hope he's not the Republican nominee. I hate his position on immigration, judges, and especially campaign finance "reform." But I have to give the man credit. In the GOP debate tonight, he nailed Mitt Romney square between the eyes. In one sentence, he clearly painted the problem with the governor.

"You're definitely the candidate of change," McCain said. And that's the truth. Romney has changed his positions on issues more than anyone else in the field. He's NOT a conservative--even though he talks that way (now). It just doesn't match his record...or his family history...or anything else about him--until he started running for President. Now all of a sudden he wants us to believe he's the second coming of Ronald Reagan. Sorry, not buying it.

Hopefully the next few states will eliminate both the second coming of Jimmy Carter (Mike Huckabee) and the non-conservative Romney.


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