One Giant Leap Backward for Womankind

Go take a look at this picture of Laura Bush in Saudi Arabia. If you need any further proof that America is utterly unserious about the nature of our conflict with radical Islam, this should do the job. And the frightening part is that her husband is leading the more serious political party when it comes to this issue. The repressive nature of this evil, violence-prone religion is not something the First Lady of the United States should be supporting...or yielding to.

If the picture doesn't convince you, how about her words:

At the end of the meeting, the group presented Bush with a humble gift as an appreciation of her support and visit. They gave her a traditional scarf and abaya with a pink ribbon that is regarded worldwide as an international symbol for breast cancer.

Bush wore the scarf and happily said, “We have sisterhood more than we’ve thought between American and Saudi women.”

The sisterhood of the abaya is not one we should be aspiring to--good cause fighting cancer or no. Shame on Laura Bush.


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