Good Old Rocky Flop

The Vols of UcheaT today showed their true colors, laying an egg in their biggest rivalry game. And boy did Bama look good. Despite have five players, including two starting linemen, out for the game, the Tide rolled over the Vols to the tune of 500 yards of total offense.

Save for an early 14-10 deficit, Bama was in control for pretty much the whole game. And I am absolutely loving this. This was the game I've been looking for--one where we showed intensity and purpose for 60 minutes. Hopefully we can carry that over through the bye week and be ready when LSU rolls into town on November 3rd.

It's true that Auburn is our biggest rival, but having grown up among the heathen in Tennessee, this game has always been the one that matters the most to me. And a 41-17 win is sweet indeed.

Roll Tide.


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