Jay Beatty, 1988-2007

While we were on the road to take our daughter back to college last week, we got a phone call telling us that our dear friends out in Arizona had lost their 18 year old son Jay to a drunk driver. He was a stellar young man--everything anyone could ask for in a son, a brother, a friend, and "an example of the believers." It's taken me this long to be able to put into words what I feel about it.

1) One of the things that I respected so much about Jay's parents was that they clearly and obviously loved their two boys. It wasn't about the words, it was the actions. They were a close family, and a real example of what a Christian home should look like.

2) Drunk drivers should face stiffer penalties. For all the talk about cracking down, there are still far too many of them on the road. On a related note, can anybody tell me the justification for a gas stations selling COLD beer? Is that not an engraved invitation to pop it open and start drinking before you get home? Why is this allowed?

3) Hug your kids...even the big ones.

4) Take full advantage of the time you have. Jay was going to start college this week. None of his friends or family expected his life to be over so quickly. But he lived while he was here. No one who knew Jay ever doubted that he was enjoying every minute--whether it was playing football, riding a four-wheeler, teasing his brother, or going to school.

5) Trusting God is easy when things go well. Over the past week, I've seen people trust Him in the darkest place of their lives. Faith works then too.

6) I'm glad there's a Heaven to look forward to.

7) Jay, you're missed. But not for long. And when we do catch up with you again, I know the sadness will be forgotten.


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