Remembering D-Day

June 4, 1944 was the day the Allied forces invaded Normandy and began the liberation of Europe. As Wellington said of the Battle of Waterloo, "It was a close-run thing." As is common for military actions, few of the original plans went as drawn up...but the resourcefulness, courage and sacrifice of our troops carried the day.

To put the time since that day into persepctive, there are millions of people who retired at age 62 who are collecting Social Security today. They were not yet born when Gold, Sword, Juno, Omaha and Utah beaches were stormed and taken.

God bless America's men and women fighting around the world today (there is a war on, have you noticed?) and give them success and keep them safe. For our freedom is a direct result of their efforts. And if the long gray line ever breaks...


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