GOP Suicide Pact

Apparently not satisfied with having lost control of Congress as a direct result of abandoning their stated principles, the GOP is now trying to achieve permanent minority status. The "compromise" immigration "reform" bill being pushed in the Senate by Ted Kennedy and John McCain (and doesn't that tell you everything you need to know?) is a political disaster for the party. It's also a disaster for the nation, but that's another post.

The only way the GOP could tick off more of its base would be to drop being pro-life. And by offering immediate amnesty to the 20 million illegals already here (and can anybody argue with a straight face that this bill won't draw even more?) the Republicans have also given up the easiest issue they could use to reach out to blue-collar and African-American voters who normally go Democratic. Opposing illegal immigration appeals to those people as well as to the GOP base.

You think President Bush's approval rating is low now? Just watch what happens as he spits in the face of the 33% who have stood by him this long.


At 11:10 PM, Anonymous Norman MacIntyre said...

Until US entitlements are eliminated, the Border Security and Immigration bill is good. As long as entitlement recipients refuse to do the work gladly done by illegal immigrants, we need them. Well, not the illegal part. We need immigrant workers who are barred from US entitlements.


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