Sheryl Crow: Back to Square One

Noted environmental scientist Sheryl Crow (no, wait, she's a rock singer) has issued a new fatwa in the war on freedom being waged in Gaia's name. Now, she declares, people should be "limited" to one square of toilet paper per usage that necessitates the consumption of said product. This reduction will somehow save the planet. The jokes almost write themselves.

This reveals the reality of what the environmental movement at heart is all about--controlling people. It's not about saving the planet. The planet isn't dying, and even if it were, it's beyond our power to rescue it. It's a way to make people do what the elites think they should. And it's the end of freedom.


At 3:01 PM, Blogger LomaAlta said...

Nice post, and Sheryl Crow and her one piece of toilet paper is simply silly and stupid. Thanks for pointing this out.

Sadly, the environmental movement has been captured by the loony left and is all about politics and political correctness now and has little to do with real environmental protection.


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