Why Bob Jones III Was Wrong to Endorse Mitt Romney

The retired leader of Bob Jones University made news this past week when he endorsed Mitt Romney for the Republican presidential nomination. As seems to be so often the case when Christians get involved in politics, he should have stuck with what he knows and left well enough alone.

It is a great error for any conservative Christian to support Mitt Romney--not because he is Mormon, but because he is not conservative. I'd back Orrin Hatch without reservation. Religion is not the key issue...principle is. Romney is the guy who said:

He would do more for gay rights than Ted Kennedy would
He didn't want to be a Reagan Republican
He would make sure abortion stayed legal

Sound conservative to you? Yet that was Romney before he wanted the votes of people like Bob Jones. I don't trust his election year conversion.

So Bob Jones III is dead wrong to be supporting this guy, and if Romney should win (I don't think he will), Jones and those who listen to him are setting themselves up for a grave disappointment. They won't like what they get if they get what they're asking for.



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