It Depends What the Meaning of "Saw" Is

Presidental candidate Mitt Romney did it twice recently--he said he "saw" his father march with Martin Luther King. Now there's no question regarding the civil rights commitment of George Romney, both as governor of Michigan and as a private citizen. But the statement Romney made TWICE, first in his "religion" speech and then again on Meet the Cuomo Aide. And it's not true. There's debate over whether the elder Romney did ever march with King. Contemporaneous reports suggest not, but a couple of witnesses have been put forward by the campaign to say they did see it happen. Regardless, there's no question Mitt wasn't there.

So today Romney was defending his remark with a resort to the dictionary definition of saw. Ugh. I thought we were through with that line of work after Clinton and "the meaning of is." Just tell the truth.

But then, this is the guy claimed to be an avid hunter--when he wasn't. And claimed to have gotten an NRA endorsement--when he didn't.

But he wants us to believe he's converted to being a real conservative. I guess I'll believe that when I "see" it.


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