You Ought To Give Iowa a Try

Tomorrow the (already nearly eternal) presidential nominating process actually begins with the Iowa cacuses. The polling data is contradictory and the Iowa process doesn't lend itself to easy pre-evaluation. Nobody really knows who is going to win for either party. Hillary may win...or come in third. Either is possible. The GOP is apparently between Romney and Huckabee--ugh.

The one thing to remember tomorrow is that the first numbers you'll hear (if you care enough to listen) will probably not be all that accurate. The rural precincts take a long time to come in, and that's after the two to three hours the caucus process can take. So wait a little before believing the entrance polls (that's what the networks will use) regarding who wins.

And for all of the flaws of Iowa as a standin for the rest of the country, at least after tomorrow we'll know how the first act ends.


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