A Question for Undecided Voters

I keep hearing about the large number (25% heading into today's voting in New Hampshire according to polling data) of undecided voters. I'd love to have somebody explain this to me. What are you waiting on to make up your mind? It's not like these candidates are running from undisclosed locations. They all have websites that spell out (or hide) their positions. The numerous debates have been telecast across the country. What will make your decision?

I understand not loving the available choices. My guy, the only true conservative in the Republican field--Duncan Hunter--has no chance of winning. If he's out of the race by February 5 when we vote in Oklahoma though, I won't be undecided. I'll vote for Fred Thompson as the most conservative option available.

Unless somebody can give me a good answer to my question, I'm going to say that people who can't decide who to vote for probably should just stay home and leave the electing to those of us who are paying attention.


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