For Those Who Pray

We got some really bad news from the doctor today. My 20 year old daughter is going to have a biospy on Wednesday. She has a large number of growths on her neck. The doctor is very concerned with the possibility of lymphoma or Hodgkins. Neither one would be good news, especially given the family history with the disease. We would greatly appreciate your prayers for her healing and protection.

She's scheduled to graduate on May 3rd, but the doctor didn't feel that they could wait that long. He actually rearranged his schedule to do the biopsy this week. I'll keep you posted.


At 6:55 PM, Anonymous Rebecca Aguilar said...

As a family we are praying for your family and want you to know you are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. We love y'all!

At 9:07 PM, Blogger Catherine said...

Your daughter has my prayers.

I have a question. As a disinfranchised Republican, I am now a registered independent in CA. I received a letter advising me I can request a ballot for any of the three main parties for the upcoming May primary. Do you know if anyone is running against McCain on the Republican ticket at this time, and how would I find out? I stumbled onto your blog while looking for 'Republican Primary choices,' and very much liked your comments about McCain and why you wouldn't vote for him. Personally I liked: Hunter, Ron Paul and Romney..
Cathy in CA


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