Things That Annoy

1) Lying on the news. This morning NBC ran a story on the jellyfish outbreak and said scientists agreed that the culprit was climate change and "warming ocean temperatures." Um, not so much. According this NPR story (not exactly a right wing source) the oceans have gotten cooler over the past five years.

2) Lying politicians. Yeah, I know, what other kind is there? But still. On Meet the Press, the Dems 04 loser John Kerry said that McCain's "Celebrity" ad was a slam at Obama's character. Um, not so much. The ad which you can see here says nothing at all about Obama's character. It's all about the fact that he has done exactly nothing to merit consideration for the highest office in the land.

3) That stupid VISA ad. No, the proper thing to say at the Olympics is not "Go world." It's U-S-A. Duh. If you don't know that, go to the remedial patriotism class and repeat until you've got it down. And especially for this Olympics, Free Tibet would be much more appropriate.

4) It's hotter today in Tulsa (105) than it is in Phoenix (103). Boo.


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