A Blot on America's Character

Nineteen years ago, the murderous Communist government of China added to the millions they have killed over the decades the lives of several thousands pro-democracy protestors in Tinanamen Square. America stood silent.

No, that's not true. Instead of cowardly remaining silent, we did much worse. The first President Bush sent envoys to Beijing to ensure those with blood on their hands that we held them no ill will and they would never be called to account for their evil, repressive deeds.

Now America, and the rest of the world is back in China for the Olympic. Our delegation is led by the Bushs--father and son. I voted for both of them (and considered the alternatives, I'd do it again.) But I'm ashamed. We place the dollar above all else...even the core values of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that were at the heart of our own revolution. For all of our talk and lip service, when the chips are down, we're in the pockets of the most repulsive regime on the planet. And that is a blot on our national character.

The continued brutality of Communist China toward Tibet and Darfur is all the proof we need that they are still the same murderous thugs they have always been. No amount of marching, flag waving or fireworks will change that. Shame on us. Shame on the US.


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