What Fools Such Christians Be

I read lots of different blogs...the list is eclectic to say the least. Politics, religion, football (ROLL TIDE...yet 3 days and Clemson shall be overthrown), economics, taxes, parenting--a little bit of everything. Lately I've been seeing some disturbingly foolish stuff on so-called Christian blogs written by people who should know better about the upcoming election.

I understand that many Christians are disgusted with the Republican Party, and not without reason. Too many have trusted horses and chariots. The ultimate hope of our nation is the salvation of men, not the election of leaders. But...seriously...give me a break on this voting for Obama stuff.

Leave out all the things about him that annoy me. Forget the Messiah complex. Ignore the fact that he's never done anything meaningful in his life. (Gives a great speech though...or so they say, I'm not impressed.) Forget the tax and spend and spend and spend stuff. Let's talk about things that should matter to Christians.

Barack Obama voted against a bill that would require doctors to provide medical care to babies who survived abortion attempts. Read that again very slowly. If the baby is born alive accidently, it's okay with Obama to go ahead and put it on a shelf in a closet and let it die. If that's not infanticide, what is it? Then read this from the comments on the blog of a former BJU professor who clearly has thrown lots of babies [pun intended] out with the bathwater of her ex-employer:

Commenter Laurie said: A Christian could prayerfully vote for either McCain or Obama and be right with God.

I thought that was a rather interesting statement, so I asked what the prayer would look like that left you at peace with God about voting for a pro-infanticide candidate. What I got back from the blog host was truly astonishing. Abortion's just not important to her. After all, lots of "Christians" in Greenville County get them, and therefore it's not an electoral issue that matters anymore. (She was a professor of rhetoric, which makes that leap pretty astonishing.) In fact, she thinks the War on Terror (which she mischaracterizes with talking points straight from the ACLU and the DNC) is a bigger problem than abortion, and she won't vote for McCain because she opposes torture. (Truly an ignorant position if you know anything about McCain's life story or voting history on the subject.)

Go read the whole thing (except for the post pointing out all her false statements about the war on terror which got deleted), and tell me that we don't deserve God's judgment--not America, but Christians like that who casually wipe away the lives of the unborn to salve false concerns about poor tortured terrorists. What fools such Christians be.


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