Jimmy Carter Opens His Mouth (Again) and Removes All Doubt (Again)

The worst (completed term) President of my life opened his mouth and proved him a fool yet again, deriding the criticism of President Obama's health care "plan" (when I was younger a plan required specifics, but maybe things have changed) as based on racism...and "an inherent feeling among many in this country that an African American should not be President." And I suppose my utter revulsion at his foolishness both in and out of office is based on an inherent feeling that a Georgian should not be President. (Sorry Newt)

Such utter folly isn't surprising when you consider the source. But it is surprising that people still listen to the cracked peanut. He was a disgrace in office, but an even bigger one since leaving it.


Was Wouk Right?

The epigram that furnished the title for probably his most famous book says "The beginning of the end of war is remembrance." I wonder if he was right. Even more, I wonder if we are capable of remembering. So many people would prefer to forget. Not this day of all days should that be allowed.