Bill Keller Is Right!

In his (sorely lacking) attempted justification of The New York Times' publication of the details of (another) successful anti-terrorist operation, and by so doing placing all of our lives in even greater danger, the editor, Bill Keller made the following statement: ""I think you probably would like to know what they're doing that's successful as well."

Truer words were never spoken. Not about our secret efforts to win the war on terror--no, I'd like to know what our troops in the field are doing that's successful. I'd like to hear about the hospitals rebuilt and equipped, the Iraqi soldiers trained, the oil fields restored to operation, the schools opened, and things like that. I do love to hear the good news about how things are going...which is why I don't look to The New York Times for my information. Because they'll do almost anything to avoid reporting good news. After all, they wouldn't want to look like they're supporting America or anything.

On the eve of the 230th anniversary of our Declaration of Independence, it behooves us to stop and honor the sacrfices made over the decades for the freedom we enjoy. And sadly, those freedoms apparently must include Bill Keller's ability to aid our enemy in time of war without consequence. (But could we at minimum please prosecute the traitors who leaked to his rag?) America has labored under internal opposition to war efforts before, but these modern day heirs to Clement Vallandingham deserve no more than our contempt. They are not patriots. But at least this once, Keller is right--I just wish he'd do what he says and give us the good news for a change.