A Great Time Was Had by All

The title of this post is not technically true. The announced attendance at Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium last Saturday was 76,808 (a record for that dilapidated and cramped facility that is NOT a good place to watch a football game) and most of them went home unhappy. Their team failed to knock off the #1 team in the country, despite a valiant effort.

However to the minority of Bama fans in attendance, and especial to the four of us (wearing black Bama shirts in defiance of the "red out" declared by Arkansas fans), it was a thoroughly great time. We watched our team overcome a large number of obstacles to pull out a win. I love the fact that the kids got us tickets to go and that we were able to see our first Bama game as a whole family. Thanks you two!

I am one happy guy.


Bring Them Up in the Nurture and Admonition of the Lord

I am about to enjoy one of the great benefits of having reared my children according to the principles of wise and godly living. The kids got me a special combined birthday/Father's Day present: tickets to the Alabama-Arkansas game. We're driving over to Fayetteville for the game, and I can't wait.

Growing up a Tide fan in the 70s meant an expectation of constant excellence. And it's nice to have that again. We are looking forward to a great family outing, and a football dinner consisting of the other white meat.



A Surprising Confession from a Political Junkie

I have been a political junkie since 1968, when my mother explained to my then six-year-old self the difference between electoral and popular votes. I have passionately followed and participated in politics over the years. One of the things I'm most happy about is that I turned 18 in time to vote for Reagan over Carter in 1980. I know who's running for obscure offices in a surprising (and perhaps scary) number of places. I keep up with the trends, the polls, the parties and the candidates. And I have a confession to make.

I am thoroughly sick of this election season, and can't wait for it to be over.

The country appears to be ready for a swing back toward sanity after four years of the Democrats proving they don't know what they're doing either, and two years of President Obama confirming everything some of us said about how his complete and total inexperience would impact his job performance. There are a few good candiates to get excited about, (watch Mr. Rubio from Florida...you'll be seeing him again soon) a few strange ones to get amused at, and perhaps the change some of us are hoping for (to coin a phrase) is waiting over the horizon.

I just don't care. I know it's important. I know why it matters. I will go an vote in November, even though since I live in the reddest state in America there aren't any particularly compeling races. (As an aside, if you don't go and vote, you are seriously not fit to live in this country, but that's another rant.) I hope the good guys win, the bad guys lose, and that someday we can tell the difference between the two groups.

I still don't care. I'm bored with stupid campaign ads. I'm tired of hoping the GOP doesn't live up to their nickname as the stupid party and find a way to give back the advantages they have (and they're trying hard). If we can already have Chrsitmas stuff in the stores, can't we at least get the election over with? Please?


Just Asking

If someone did a humorous, light-hearted version of the story of Robin Hood, would it properly be called a comedy of arrows?


A Birthday Present for the Bear

Yesterday would have been Paul Bear Bryant's 97th birthday. In honor of the occasion, the number one ranked Crimson Tide crushed Penn State, a team Bear memorably beat four teams (including the famous "goal line stand" in the 79 Sugar Bowl for a national championship) during his illustrious career. The final score of 24-3 failed to capture the one-sided nature of the evening. But it was a fitting present to the great coach who did so much to build an already-great legacy of football excellence to a level unequaled in college football history.


And happy birthday, Bear.


Never Forget; Never Forgive

Nine years ago, 19 murderous thugs practicing the teachings of their religion (which is NOT a religion of peace, unless you count the peace of the dead they leave scattered in their wake) killed nearly 3,000. Sadly, I think it's going to have to happen again (at least once) before we take the threat seriously. Certainly the current administration does not. Sadly most of our citizens do not either. But the proof is there in the empty hole in the New York skyline (and why in the name of all that is good and right in the world haven't we managed to rebuild?) for anyone who is willing to look. The fact that we are not serious does not mean our enemies aren't--they are. And they will be back unless they are stopped first. Will we do that? It sure doesn't look like it.

That is the greatest tragedy of this sad anniversary.


His Lips Were Moving

The President announced last night that "combat operations in Iraq are over." Yeah...right. There are still 50,000 troops in Iraq. Carrying guns. And serving as targets for IEDs and suicide bombers.

But here's the punchline. Today the New York Times reported that Defense Secretary Robert Gates, visiting the troops in Iraq, told them that combat pay still applied. (hat tip Tom Maguire) So pray tell, if combat operations are really over....