I Did Not Have Spiritual Relations with that Pastor

At his press conference, Senator Barack Obama had this to say about his racist pastor Jeremiah Wright:

He was never my, quote-unquote, "spiritual adviser."

He was never my "spiritual mentor." He was -- he was my pastor.

Two questions: 1) Could he sound more like Bill Clinton lying about Monica? Maybe it depends on what the meaning of was is...

2) If your pastor isn't your "spiritual adviser" or "spiritual mentor" aren't you admitting that you're in the wrong church?


Boycott the Olypmics

This alternate Olympic logo comes from Reporters Without Borders (I swiped it from Big Lizards) and pretty much sums up everything there is to say about holding this world celebration in one of the most repressive and oppressive regimes on the planet. Shame on the Olympic committee for giving the games to the Chi-Coms, and shame on us for going. I wish President Bush had the courage to stand up to the Communists...but then that doesn't run in his family (remember Tiannamen Square and his daddy?). Ugh.


Follow Up

Well Rhonda's back at school...trying to cram five weeks into three to get ready for finals. But her teachers have been working with her, and she's making some headway.

Among the other preparations for what's to come (losing her long, beautiful hair after chemo) she went ahead and cut her hair so she could donate it to Locks of Love, which gives wigs to little kids suffering from cancer and other diseases. Wow!

Anyhow, here's the new look. That's a brave, smart, beautiful young lady who makes her parents very proud. (Not to mention the serious cuteness of the new look!)


Reflections of a Cancer Parent

When they tell you your 20 year old daughter has cancer just a little over a month before she's scheduled to graduate from college, the world certainly changes. We've spent the last two weeks trying to get a handle on what we--but her most of all--are facing. She's had two operations, two CT scans, a PET scan, a heart echo test, numerous blood tests, a bone marrow test (VERY painful) and she's seen a list of doctors a mile long.

Along with still being mostly in shock, I've already observed some things:

1) My daughter is an amazing Christian, young woman, and family member. Her faith is unshakeable. Her courage is incredible, and her patience with all of the procedures, needles and "stuff" is astonishing. Wow. Today she flew to Philadelphia to join the women's choir on their spring tour--just one day after another operation to put in the port for her upcoming chemotherapy.

2) My wife rocks. I told her that she was like a mother lion protecting her cub. She's made the calls to accomplish what should have taken weeks in just days. From lining up specialists to moving moutains to get test results back, she has been a tireless advocate for our little girl. And at home, she's been the shoulder for all of us to cry on.

3) Our friends and family around the country have rallied with cards, emails, calls, and most of all prayers. There are thousands of people in churches all over the country who have prayed for Rhonda and for us, and we appreciate it so much. When something like this happens, it's really eyeopening to find out just how many people each of us touch with our extended circles.

4) God loves us and is good even when things aren't going well. More on this later.