Only Three Ways to End a War

I keep hearing people (mostly Democratic politicians) say they want the war in Iraq to end. I don't know what's more discouraging--the intellectual dishonesty, the historical ignorance or the craven political opportunism. But in any case, here's a quick refresher. War can only end in three ways:

1) Lose. When you get smacked by the other side, you give up. Or fight to the last man. Either way, the war is over.

2) Draw. Both sides get tired of it, draw an imaginary line on the map and stop shooting across. (See Korean Conflict)

3) Win. Smack the other side hard enough so that they give up. Or fight till their last man is gone. Either way, the war is over.

I don't think even Nancy Pelosi wants option one (her political statements would lead to it, but I don't think she's smart enough to realize that.) But these politicans are living in a fantasy world if they think we can get option two. (They have no interest in doing what it takes to get option three).

The reality is that option two requires an agreement from the other side in order to work. And that's where it all goes all the rails for the peaceniks. Iraq is not the war--it is simply a major battlefield in the war. We can stop the fighting in Iraq by retreating...but that won't stop the war.

And it's interesting that as the surge works, and continues to reduce the violence in Iraq month after month, the calls for us to give up and come home haven't stopped. The Dems have so much invested in Iraq being a complete failure that they don't seem to able to bring themselves to acknowledge the facts. Will the war end? Most do. (Even the Hundred Years War...although it lasted 116 years.) Will we win? Not if we don't insist on it.


Time Change Change

So I went to bed last night thinking that the time change was today. After seven years in Arizona where they figure they have enough daylight without saving any, I'm still not quite in the groove of this moving the clocks thing. But I remembered it being at the end of October. So I didn't look it up to find out that this year they changed it to the first Sunday in November. But it was the "good" time change, so we still made it to church on time. (That's helpful if you're teaching Sunday School.)

At least I didn't lose the hour a week too early...not sure how I'd get that one back!


One Giant Leap Backward for Womankind

Go take a look at this picture of Laura Bush in Saudi Arabia. If you need any further proof that America is utterly unserious about the nature of our conflict with radical Islam, this should do the job. And the frightening part is that her husband is leading the more serious political party when it comes to this issue. The repressive nature of this evil, violence-prone religion is not something the First Lady of the United States should be supporting...or yielding to.

If the picture doesn't convince you, how about her words:

At the end of the meeting, the group presented Bush with a humble gift as an appreciation of her support and visit. They gave her a traditional scarf and abaya with a pink ribbon that is regarded worldwide as an international symbol for breast cancer.

Bush wore the scarf and happily said, “We have sisterhood more than we’ve thought between American and Saudi women.”

The sisterhood of the abaya is not one we should be aspiring to--good cause fighting cancer or no. Shame on Laura Bush.


"Heads Blown Off for His Amusement"

Representative Peter Stark of California said it on the floor of the House this past week--that America was sending our soldiers to Iraq to "get their heads blown off for his (President Bush's) amusement." And a motion to censure him for that remark failed to pass the Democratic controlled legislative body.

The Democrats--or at least an awful lot of them--are not on America's side in this war. That may be an "inconvenient truth" (to coin a phrase) but it's out there in plain sight for anyone who is willing to look.


Why Bob Jones III Was Wrong to Endorse Mitt Romney

The retired leader of Bob Jones University made news this past week when he endorsed Mitt Romney for the Republican presidential nomination. As seems to be so often the case when Christians get involved in politics, he should have stuck with what he knows and left well enough alone.

It is a great error for any conservative Christian to support Mitt Romney--not because he is Mormon, but because he is not conservative. I'd back Orrin Hatch without reservation. Religion is not the key issue...principle is. Romney is the guy who said:

He would do more for gay rights than Ted Kennedy would
He didn't want to be a Reagan Republican
He would make sure abortion stayed legal

Sound conservative to you? Yet that was Romney before he wanted the votes of people like Bob Jones. I don't trust his election year conversion.

So Bob Jones III is dead wrong to be supporting this guy, and if Romney should win (I don't think he will), Jones and those who listen to him are setting themselves up for a grave disappointment. They won't like what they get if they get what they're asking for.



Good Old Rocky Flop

The Vols of UcheaT today showed their true colors, laying an egg in their biggest rivalry game. And boy did Bama look good. Despite have five players, including two starting linemen, out for the game, the Tide rolled over the Vols to the tune of 500 yards of total offense.

Save for an early 14-10 deficit, Bama was in control for pretty much the whole game. And I am absolutely loving this. This was the game I've been looking for--one where we showed intensity and purpose for 60 minutes. Hopefully we can carry that over through the bye week and be ready when LSU rolls into town on November 3rd.

It's true that Auburn is our biggest rival, but having grown up among the heathen in Tennessee, this game has always been the one that matters the most to me. And a 41-17 win is sweet indeed.

Roll Tide.