Rick Perry and Old Spice

Just saw a Rick Perry campaign ad on TV. As we don't live in Iowa, it must have been a national buy. The ad was great. It touched the right themes to appeal to both the GOP base and disgusted independents. There's just one little problem. Unscripted, Perry is...well let's be charitable...he makes Bush 43 look eloquent.

And I just couldn't help it (well I could have but what fun would that be?)

Look at your candidate
Now back at me
Now at your candidate
Now back at me
Sadly he is not me
But if he used Old Spice,
Maybe he could speak like me!

Seriously, what is wrong with the GOP? Out of thousands of elected officials all over the country (more than at any time in history following the crushing victory of 2010) we can't find a single conservative candidate capable of stringing two coherent consecutive sentences together? President Obama deserves the same 40 state defeat that ended President Carter's disastrous single term...but you can't beat something with nothing. One blogger I read from time to time says that his Pomeranian could beat Mr. Obama. He might be right, but I'm not at all confident that any of the current Republican candidates can equal a show dog.


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