A Perfect Parody for Our Times

The version of this that's floating around the Internet is both anonymous and too explicit to reproduce here...but here's my cleaned up version of the chorus (to the tune of the classic Christmas hymn "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer")

Grandma got molested at the airport
Flying home to our house Christmas Day
It should be plain she's no more threat than Santa
They all should be arrested--TSA

It is a tribute to the political correctness that is probably going to end up getting all of us killed that we're practically strip-searching grandmothers and nuns and taking porn photos of everyone (and if you believe the government's line that they aren't keeping those...along with complete tabs on who each person is, I can offer you a really good deal on a bridge) but can't seem to keep track of who is supposed to be our "no fly" list until after the fact. But at least we won't have to face the charge that we are guilty of the awful sin of "profiling" as we lie dead in the smoking ruins.


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