I Demand a Recount

How did it happen that my youngest child is 21 years old?


Boycott Visa

Visa is a major sponsor of the Olympics. It's impossible to watch for more than a few minutes of the Winter Games without seeing one of their ads. I'm not sure my television is going to survive the experience.

That's because every time I see one of those revolting ads I want to throw something. They are an American company, and if they were supporting America, I'd be happy. But this "Go World" garbage makes my blood boil. By itself it really isn't that big a deal. (My daughter thinks I'm making too big a deal out it.) But it is indicative of a mindset that I think is very dangerous to the future.

If an American company had run such an ad fifty years ago, they would have been deluged with angry protests and their mail would have been filled with cut up credit cards. Back then, there wasn't any question about who to support at the Olympics. Back then we were clear about where we stood. Back then we cheered for other teams out of sportsmanship but cheered for ours to win out of patriotism.

Go U-S-A. And boycott Visa.


The Better Half

Today is my 24th wedding anniversary. It snowed this morning, which reminded me a lot of the day we got married. The weather that day was so ugly that they sent the kids home from school early. Fortunately most of the people coming to the wedding from any distance were Brenda's friends and family who were coming from Minnesota. They sneered at the Tennessee "winter" and plowed on through.

The Bible says that a virtuous woman is more valuable than rubies. It's true. The Bible says that a prudent wife is an inheritance from the Lord. That's true too. And there's no doubt that I married way over my head.

Having now been married for more than half my life, I say without hestitation that this has definitely been the better half. It's been quite a ride, but she has been there every step of the way. In the song we did for our wedding (words--me, music--her) we said "I know I can take what comes, I do not have to see; I simply need the knowledge Dear, that you are there with me."

Thanks for loving me, Babe.