Boycott Visa

Visa is a major sponsor of the Olympics. It's impossible to watch for more than a few minutes of the Winter Games without seeing one of their ads. I'm not sure my television is going to survive the experience.

That's because every time I see one of those revolting ads I want to throw something. They are an American company, and if they were supporting America, I'd be happy. But this "Go World" garbage makes my blood boil. By itself it really isn't that big a deal. (My daughter thinks I'm making too big a deal out it.) But it is indicative of a mindset that I think is very dangerous to the future.

If an American company had run such an ad fifty years ago, they would have been deluged with angry protests and their mail would have been filled with cut up credit cards. Back then, there wasn't any question about who to support at the Olympics. Back then we were clear about where we stood. Back then we cheered for other teams out of sportsmanship but cheered for ours to win out of patriotism.

Go U-S-A. And boycott Visa.


At 8:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually Visa is a multinational corporation. Even if they weren't, billions of people around the world use Visa. I doubt they'd be too torn up if a few silly americans sent back their cards cut up into a few pieces. However if the rest of the world boycotted visa, now that would make an even greater impact.

You remind me of Pat Robertson. You sound so vile, you're full of anger about the most ridiculous issues (which leads me to believe you have an idle mind and way too much time on your hands), you're full of hate (which by the way is not very Christian) and you spew a whole lot of counterproductive vindictive rethoric and most of all you seem very unhappy. I feel sorry for you.


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