Last week Bryant Earl Byers graduated from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor of Technology degree as a member of both the honor roll and the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. Today he left home, driving west two and a half hours to the bustling metropolis of Pond Creek, Oklahoma, where he will be living as he works in nearby Medford for ONEOK. This Fortune 200 company selected him for their staff after two lengthy interviews, a background check, a drug test, a physical, and thorough review of his education and training. I think they made a great choice...and so did he.

It simply could not be possible to be more proud of a child. God blessed us with the two greatest kids in the world and we have done our best to bring them up in the nuture and admonition of the Lord. We've also been blessed to receive help from both sets of their grandparents, and the heritage of faith we passed on to them did not come from us.

Now after twenty-one years, Bryant is moving on. This morning before he left we prayed together and I asked him to be an example of a Christian and gave him four charges after reading I Timothy 4:12-16. 1) Fear God. 2) Love God. 3) Serve God. 4) Call your mom.

I'm so excited to see where he goes with the great opportunity. Congratulations Bud on the commencement of your adult life. God bless you. (And Roll Tide!)


The Lying Weasels at General Motors

Have you seen GM's new ad touting the "fact" that they paid off their bailout loan "in full, with interest, five years ahead of schedule"?

It's a complete lie.

They took other bailout money and used that to "pay back" the government. Even Democratic Senator Tom Carper described it as "taking money out of one pocket to put it in the other one." GM didn't pay back anything. They're still bleeding billions of dollars. Their current business model isn't viable. They're just trying to convince you otherwise to suck you in and get you to buy one of their substandard vehicles.

If you want a real car from a real car company, scratch anything from Government Motors off your shopping list. You'll be glad you did in the long run.


Easter Day

Quickly run, tell His disciples
That the stone is rolled away,
And the borrowed tomb is empty
He's alive this Easter Day.

Trembling hear the angel telling
That defeated is the grave;
Gladly rise and spread the message
To the world He came to save.

Leave behind your graveyard spices
Death has given up its prize;
Not among the dead the living
Greet the dawn with joyful eyes.

Trade your fears for gladsome singing
Echo the Lamb's victory roar!
Man's redemption is accomplished
He's alive forevermore.


A Lesson from the Eagles

There are several pairs of nesting bald eagles within an hour of where we live. It's been a delight to watch them feed and care for their young. Now thanks to my educated daughter, we've found a place where you can actually watch several different nests around the country and see the little ones being fed.

http://www.iws.org/bald_eagles/nestcam.htm (We like the Two Harbors one the best.)

Brenda pointed out this morning that the parents (the mom and dad trade off taking care of the eaglets) move around the nest to position themselves so that they provide shade from the sun. And when she showed me that, I thought of the words of David when he was running for his life from King Saul.

Be merciful unto me, O God, be merciful unto me: for my soul trusteth in thee: yea, in the shadow of thy wings will I make my refuge, until these calamities be overpast. Psalm 57:1

All of us deal with "stuff." Dr. George Truett of First Baptist Church in Dallas used to say, "Be good to everybody because everybody is having a tough time." He was right. If you're having a tough time today, go look at the eagles and remember that God will hide you in the shadow of His wings.