Christmas Meditation

So when the wise men (not kings) came from the east to see Jesus, they said something that in almost every other context would be incorrect. They asked to see the one who was "born king of the Jews." Except that future rulers are not kings when they are born--they are princes. No one went to London however many years ago it was and asked to see King Charles; they would have asked to see the Prince of Wales.

Jesus wasn't born to later become the king; He was and always will be the King...even as a baby. Yes, He was a babe in a manger (and He cried, despite what the song says), but even then He was the King. I think we should remember that more than we do.


The Curmudgeon Speaks

So we visited the Christian (sic) bookstore (sic) the other day...more of a relgious kitsch market if you want an accurate name...and while I was walking past another row of stuff that wasn't book, I saw a line of toy Bible hero characters for little kids.

Just a small word to any of you who create or promote such things: I'm pretty sure Samson didn't have flowing blonde hair. That action figure only needed a hammer to pass for Thor. I get marketing; that's what I do for a living. But for Heaven's sake, can we try for at least a little bit of historical accuracy?

(Yes, the Scrooge is strong in this one...why do you ask?)