Can a Christian in Good Conscience Vote for Obama?

Obviously there are a number of people who are Christians who will vote for Barack Obama next week (or who already have in early voting). They have various reasons for doing so. My question is whether there is a valid Scriptural justification for such a vote.

I believe the answer for anyone who takes the Word of God seriously has to be a resounding NO.

I'm not like some who believe God has a tax policy, complete with Bible-approved brackets. I do think there are principles that can be applied to that as to any question, but I've never seen issues like that as ones of obedience to Scripture. But there are moral issues that matter on which God has clearly expressed His opinion.

The most obvious one is abortion. I've seen Christians say that abortion shouldn't be a deciding issue in how we vote because the GOP hasn't ended the practice. That's folly. Obama is not just pro-choice, he is actively pro-abortion. If he's elected, he has promised to promote the Freedom of Choice Act, which among other thing would guarantee taxpayer funding of abortions. It would also wipe out all current state restrictions, things like waiting periods and parental notification laws. This is not theory. The bill is already written; it just needs the vote of what will certainly be a Democratic-controlled Congress and a president without a moral compass to sign it to become reality. That is what you are bringing to pass if you vote for Obama.

There are a host of reasons to oppose him. He's clueless about foreign policy. His economic "spread the wealth" ideas will make Carter's years look like good times. He has never successfully done any serious job in his life. In fact, if Obama were to serve as president for four years, it would be the longest stretch in his life when he's held a full time job! He's way too chummy with so many people that hate America that it's hard to believe it's all coincidence.

But on a moral basis--issues like abortion and gay rights--he's not just wrong; he's actively working as described in Psalm 2:2 "The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD." That's not something any Christian should support.


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