Two Weeks Notice

In fourteen days, we'll hold the most important Presidential election of my lifetime. They always say that, but this time it really is. We are facing the starkest choice in memory. America has never had a far-left socialist as president...yet. We've never even had a candidate close to Obama before. The closest thing to him is FDR's Vice President Wallace, who thankfully he dumped for Truman in 1944.

Do not make the mistake of assuming that after four years of Obama we'll see a repeat of 1980. Obama isn't Carter. He's as clueless about the world as the peanut farmer was, but much more ruthless, willing to do literally anything to win. And the supply of Reagans is pretty limited too. The last time we elected a liberal (although compared to Obama FDR is Reagan) in an economic crisis, we got twenty years of policies that made things worse.

And there is a massive, organized and carefully plotted strategy going on to discourage Republicans by painting the race as already over. The polling data that is being used is so far out of whack with historical norms--they're giving the Democrats a higher percentage of the vote than they had during Watergate in some polls--that the numbers are skewed. It's possible that Obama is ahead by three to six points. He is not ahead by 12 or 13. The only way he wins big is if the propganda works and the GOP gives up. All the legitimate polls, that means the non-media ones, have showed the race getting closer over the last week. Battleground (the most accurate in 2004) has it as a one point race.

I'm not optimistic, but it is still winnable. If McCain plays his cards right over the next two weeks, he can still be the 44th President. God willing, we'll be spared the socialist future Obama has planned for us.


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