The First Church of Gaia

Environmentalism has become a religion. (With apologies to any offended Muslims) "There is no god but Gaia, and Al Gore is her prophet."

Environmentalism has all of the hallmarks of a major faith movement. They demand strict compliance to a code of behavior--but sell indulgences, known as carbon offsets, to keep from actually being personally inconvenienced by them. (Inconvenience is for the little people, not the priesthood) They banish and attempt to destroy anyone who asks annoying questions rather than simply accepting the doctrines handed down from on high. This choler is particularly strong toward defectors from within their own ranks. They fly around the world in private jets to decry excessive energy use (clutching those precious indulgences as a shield against their obvious hypocrisy).

This would all be very amusing if it were not so dangerous. The lives of millions of people in poor countries have already been lost due to malaria because of the hysterical overreaction to junk science regarding DDT decades ago. It is literally a matter of life and death. Worship of the environment and the war on progress being waged by its devotees will end up killing more people than all the other religious wars in human history...if it hasn't already.


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