Duncan Hunter for President

Well, since the election campaign is starting whether I like it or not, I'm going to go ahead and share my choice. I've made no secret of the fact that I'm not exactly blown away by the field. But there is one candidate, long shot though he is, that is more than acceptable to a conservative. That candidate is Congressman Duncan Hunter from California.

Now the first thing that needs to be said is that the last President elected to office directly from the House of Representatives was James Garfield...which was a long time ago. I do not think that his chances of winning are high. But he is worthy of a look--especially for those of us who find the "big three" completely lacking.

Hunter is a veteran of the Vietnam War, and has been a consistent and faithful conservative in Congress (unless say McCain). He's pro-life, pro-gun, and not pro-tax. He's serious about the most important issue, the war on terror. In passing, I want to lay to rest the idea some people, especially Christian bloggers, are promoting that Mike Huckabee is an acceptable alternative. Folks, if you like the spending habits and social compromises of the Bush Administration (I don't!) you're going to love Huckabee. He is NOT a conservative in the Reagan tradition. If you want another Bush term, vote for Jeb instead and get the real thing instead of an imitation.

So for whatever my two cents are worth, Hunter is my guy. You can check out his official campaign website here.


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