Duncan Hunter is THE Best Pro-Life Candidate

One of the reasons I like Duncan Hunter for President is that he is unapologetic about his stance on the issue of abortion. Unlike the "big three" front-runners, there is no question about his position. He doesn't change it to suit his audience, nor does he back down from stating it. In fact, on his campaign website, when you click on "Where I Stand" the very first issue he addresses is abortion.

It made the news this week in the New York Times that conservative religious leaders aren't satisfied with the candidate choices. I'd urge them--and you--to take a good hard look at Hunter. No, he doesn't have the name recognition or the funding of the better-known guys, but he's right on all the major issues--something you can't get with ANY of the other Republicans in the field.


At 7:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Robert,

I have site going for Hunter, take a look.



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