The Shani Davis Olympic Committee

Shani Davis is a very good speed skater, but he's a very bad person. His behavior this week has revealed him to be a selfish and childish whiner, not even happy when he wins. In my book, anybody who values an individual gold medal over a team gold medal (and accordingly refuses to particiapte with the team) does not deserve to wear the read, white and blue. Davis didn't get to Torino by himself. I say if he wants to be a team of one, let him provide all his own training equipment, build his own ice rink, buy his own plane tickets, and make his own flag. He clearly has no respect for our.


At 12:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are apparently someone who believes that the United States government pays for the training of Olympic athletes. They do not. The training for speedskaters is usually paid for by U.S. Speedskating, a private organization funded by sponsorships. U.S. Speedskating had a conflict with Davis because Davis would not cover up the logo of his primary sponsor, which just happens to be a foreign bank. So, U.S. Speedskating terminated their support of Davis' training as well as his college education. So, Davis has been funding his own training and equipment and paying for his own college education for going on two years. This is in addition to other members of U.S. Speedskating leveling groundless accusations of cheating at Davis after he qualified for the 2002 Olympics, forcing an investigation (which was found to be "inconclusive") and Davis attending the 2002 Olympics under a cloud and being ultimately not being allowed to set foot on the ice in the competition. Davis may be a jerk, but to pretend that he has not been mistreated at times by the speedskating community (or by his country, he is suing the Chicago police department for stopping him and his friends for no reason) is unfair.


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