Fitzgerald's Case Falling Apart?

It hasn't been in the news much lately, but the obstruction of justice/perjury case against Scooter Libby brought by independent persecutor (no, that is not a typo) Patrick Fitzgerald is in deep trouble. Of course since there was no crime committed, becuase Valerie Plame was not covert, the charges were always of the weak "Martha Stewart" variety. But Fitzgerald's refusal to turn over documents to the defense this week highlights the problems with the case. I have come to believe that Fitzgerald wants no part of a trial. The case has already beeen put off till next year, and it sure looks to me like Fitz is hoping either something else will come up, or the thing will just die a natural death on a technicality. Either way, the odds of Libby being convicted of anything right now are probably only about 20%. It's a far cry from what Fitzgerald laid out at his press conference. Trusted conservatives vouch for Fitz's integrity and skill as a prosecutor, but those traits certainly haven't been evident in this investigation.


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