The Situation on the Ground in Iraq

Frankly we're just not getting a very good picture of what's really happening in Iraq. When we launch an offensive and as a result casualties go up, it's reported in the media as a sign of terrorist strength--well, actually, it's reported as an increase in the insurgency because our media absolutely refuses to call things by their right names. Anyhow, back to the subject at hand.

Saw a very interesting post at The Fourth Rail today regarding claims made in the (very anti-war) British paper The Guardian about the success of the terrorists. The disconnect between reporting and reality is incredible. Suffice it to say that every media report from the region should be regarding with caution if not outright skepticism.

Even better, there was a link to a news article in one of the comments about Iraqis calling in US airstrikes on the terrorists! It seems to me that the terrorists' tactics of killing mostly Iraqis will eventually result in a lot more of this. If the people feel safe to call on the US military for help, hopefully a lot more of the bad guys will get to meet their eternal reward--which isn't exactly going to be the 72 virgins they're expecting!


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