Well, D-Day has arrived. We leave for the airport in a couple of hours. On a not completely unrelated note, posting is liable to be sporadic over the next few days. Then again, I may find the continued therapy of talking about it to be indispensable. Check and see if you dare. I'm pretty sure these feelings aren't contagious without direct contact!

One quick story. She went to music camp this summer at the college and made quite a few friends. One of the girls she met had a cousin who is also going to be in the freshman class. They talked briefly about trying to get put together as roommates, but by that time the room assignments had already been made so they let it drop. When Rhonda got her letter from the school, the cousin was her assigned roommate! (They've already done the whole get acquainted by phone routine.) As a dad, it makes it a lot easier to know that Someone else is also watching over my little girl while she's gone from home.

Going to be a whole lot of praying going on, that's for sure. More later (maybe).


At 2:09 PM, Blogger Dan Burrell said...

Praying for your whole family today, Bob. Give Rhonda our love! That's one sweet young lady you have there.

At 5:13 AM, Anonymous Rebecca Aguilar said...


Haven't got any children close to college yet but that doesn't keep me from already getting sentimental about changes. My youngest daughter (7) doesn't go for ruffley dresses any more.


Dress girls in ruffles while you may
The time will come without delay
When they will frown and firmly say,
"I won't wear that dress--no way!"
So dress them in ruffles today!


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