No Way to Run an Investigation

The 9/11 Commission was charged with one of the most serious investigations in American history. Its task was to determine what had gone wrong to allow such a success to our enemies so that we could defend ourselves more effectively in the future. A lot of us had serious reservations about the makeup of the panel, and the timing in conjunction with a Presidential election seemed to lend itself to partisan mischief. They did their work and produced their report (and tried to keep themselves in business after the conclusion of their work--which seemed yet another bad sign to me).

I really had no idea it was this bad. The Commission now admits that they disregarded the military's Able Danger information because it contradicted what they already "knew" about Mohammed Atta. He couldn't possibly have gone to Prague (to meet with Iraqi intelligence agents) because everyone "knows" there are no links between Iraq and 9/11. Of course the fact that Iraq furnished the fake passport for Yousef--the mastermind of the first World Trade Center bombing--to get into the US doesn't ever seem to get mentioned.

Ignoring facts that contradict your worldview is a good way to end up ignorant. Unfortunately in our world today, it's also a good way to end up dead. It's time for a serious investigation of the 9/11 Commission (I'd start with Gorelick) and their slipshod, careless and potentially lethal failures in their work.


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