I came across a great analysis the other day by a pastor I know on the similarities between extremists of the left and right. Often we think of them as polar opposites, but they have much in common. As they say, read the whole thing at Whirled Views, but this really stood out:

"The hostility of the radical left and the growing desperation they obviously feel with each election that leaves them in the minority and every federal judgeship that comes open is very much obvious to those who observe and recognize the worst characteristics of the newly-defined “fundamentalism.” We ought not condone their outrageous excesses any longer or with any more patience than we would those who put on white-robed clan uniforms or who would beat a woman for exposing her elbow.

One of the great pillars of evangelical Christianity in general, and among Baptists in particular, is the “fundamental” belief that religious identification and commitment cannot be forced. Those who are not or will not be persuaded by the Spirit of God are not reachable by the threat of coercion or the manipulation of men.

We must resist accepting a mentality that would force its values on our culture, our nation or our families. It’s not American, it’s not Christian and it’s not right. Extremism of any flavor or wearing any moniker is a dangerous thing."


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