John Roberts Documents

I'm participating in Hugh Hewitt's blogging analysis of the John Roberts records released by the Reagan Library. You can find the complete rundown at Radioblogger. Before I get to my box (fairly tame, even by today's hyper-partisan standards) a small word on the miracle of technology. In his incredible book To Build a Castle, Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky talked about the impact of the copy machine on the opposition. It made possible the dissemination of information that the government didn't want out. The impact of the Internet on the existing political and media power structures is going to be one of the biggest stories when the history of this decade is written.

Now on to Roberts. My "box" contained memos from August of 1985 regarding appointments and slight wording changes to a couple of existing laws. There just isn't any gruel there, even for the wildest eyed opponent. Roberts (or someone on his staff) is an excellent proofreader, catching a wrongly numbered executive order (12362 that should have been 12363) on page 39.

Nothing to see here; move along folks.


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