Pat Robertson Is an Idiot

For a guy who's supposed to be some kind of preacher, Pat Robertson sure does know how to make a complete fool of himself. Calling (on air no less) for the US Government to assassinate the elected head of the Venezuelan government may not be the dumbest thing anybody in history has ever said in public, but it's got to be in the top five.

As a conservative Christian, it's embarrassing to be even nominally on the same side as this guy. On ESPN Radio's Mike and Mike in the Morning Show, they give out a weekly "Just Shut Up" Award. Unfortunately it's limited to sports figures. I think we need one for religious/political types, and I'm nominating Robertson to win every week for the first year.

UPDATE: As usual, Dan said it much better than I did. Go check out Whirled Views and read the whole thing. Here's just a taste:

Now seventy-five years old, Pat reminds me of the crazy great uncle or the bigoted grandfather that most of us have somewhere in our family tree whom we would prefer to keep locked in our attic, but who keeps picking the lock and running through the neighborhood naked and cursing illegal immigration. We love them because we are supposed to, but seriously, it's time for them to shut up and watch some Lawrence Welk reruns.


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