Bama Rolls to 6-0

The Tide completed a perfect first half of the regular season today with a 22-3 victory over Ole Miss. The performace of the defense was close to perfect. The offense stalled repeatedly in the red zone, limiting the final margin. Credit to Ole Miss for an excellent defensive effort, but it's wasn't nearly enough to keep up with Bama.

Unlike last year, this year people expect us to be good. The last two games have revealed some weaknesses, but overall, there just isn't too much to complain about. Here's why: last year we beat Kentucky by 3 and Ole Miss by 4. This year: 18 and 19 points respectively. This is a very good team. If we play up to our abilities, we are going to be hard to beat. It's looking more and more like a rematch with Florida in the SEC Championship Game is in our future.



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