Ex Presidents Should Be Seen and Not Heard

So the biggest news of the day was former President Clinton's successful trip to North Korea to secure the release of two Americans jailed by lunatic Communist regime. And while I'm delighted that those two ladies are now and know that their families must be experiencing incredible joy and relief, I can't help but feel that we have set yet another precedent for which we will pay for years to come.

There's no question that some kind of deal was made. The North Koreans are notorious for not giving anything away for free. But what? Did we promise them food for their starving millions (and would the government care if we did)? Did we promise to look the other way while they export nuclear technology? Did we promise to lean on South Korea on their behalf?

While all of these would be bad, yes, even the food because it would support one of the most brutal governments on earth, and past food aid has largely found its way to the military and political elites, the worst question of all is this: did whatever deal we make embolden our enemies and endanger all Americans living abroad? I'm afraid the answer is: Yes, We Did.


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